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Adolphe, French obstetrician, 1844-1934. See: Pinard maneuver.
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The machine, a funnel-like Pinnard horn similar to that used by traditional midwives, can be used to scan a pregnant woman's womb and detect problems such as ectopic pregnancy or abnormal foetal heart beats.
And the city's cathedral, St Philip's, where a grave in the churchyard simply says ''Ann Pinnard, a black", is also on the map.
Dieckmann is the only American author I know who cited the work of Pinnard, a French professor at the Hospital of LaMaternite in Paris who discovered in 1893 that milk could totally prevent seizures in toxemia.
In an illuminating study, Danielle Pinnard argues that the SCC's treatment of concerns with gathering and evaluating factual evidence in Charter cases lacks any coherent methodology.
HOLYWELL were reduced to 10 men when Lee Jones was sent off for an alleged deliberate handling offence that resulted in a penalty which Rene Pinnard put away to give Buckley a 2-1 lead three minutes before half-time.
Rene Pinnard bagged all three goals for Llandudno who seem to be fired up in the wake of recent budget cuts.
Stuart Terry fired the Welsh Premier side ahead from 16 yards in the 20th minute but Llandudno's danger man Rene Pinnard hit a brilliant equaliser on the stroke of half time, beating two men and chipping keeper David Walsh.
Title hopefuls Buckley thought they had gone ahead when Rene Pinnard netted in the 20th minute in a goalline scramble, but the flag was already up for offside.
Up to that point the hosts had given as good as they got with their equalising goal from Rene Pinnard the pick of the match.
The Warriors had a pair of first-place wins, as Ian Pinnard claimed the 110 hurdles and Jed Moffit took the 1,500.
Brothers Greg and Grant Harris,James Kincaid and Paul Mulgrew are unavailable for tonight's match at Holywell Town,but Rene Pinnard and Dean Hughes are set to return.