Pink Slip

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A popular term for a note from an employer to an employee, indicating that the latter has been terminated
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Both the chief minister and Mr Suzuki agreed that those who are guilty must be punished," Bhargava said adding that there will be no more pink slips unless something comes out against a worker in the course of the investigation.
Vivian Ekchian, LAUSD's chief human resource officer, said last year only one out of four teachers who received pink slips were actually released.
In 1935, as the March 15 deadline for returns approached, opposition to the pink slip grew, but none of it seemed promising.
We have heard they are going to give 500 more pink slips.
Nearly 500 employees are affected, including 147 who were handed their pink slips.
1 billion savings through raise deferrals or layoffs, if it couldn't get them through bargaining, maybe it will need to do it through pink slips.
Both physical-education specialists face pink slips because they work in a program that has been reorganized.
Los Angeles County health officials plan to send out pink slips Monday to about 130 employees, including 40 doctors, as patients face long lines and overcrowded conditions at hospitals and clinics, officials said Thursday.