Pink Slip

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A popular term for a note from an employer to an employee, indicating that the latter has been terminated
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Instant Pink Slip Loans offers car owners an easy way to obtain a car title loan with very competitive interest rates, flexible payments, and great service.
Editors interested in publishing Conroy Cartoons and/or Pink Slip should contact Ray Graber (781-221-0018) or Tom Burke (617-323-5694) at Graber Associates LLC.
With the emphasis on four different types of challenging races -- point 2 point, drift racing, drag racing and police chase -- The Fast and the Furious: Pink Slip is easy for users to play, but difficult to master.
Meanwhile, the CM asked the company not to issue any more pink slips and to work towards a better worker- management relationship," a top official of the Haryana government said.
They will be given pink slips soon," a senior management executive told MAIL TODAY .
Meanwhile, Tembec's Opasatika mill will issue pink slips to 78 workers and permanently shut down March 4.
I]t has become a familiar, bitter story in cities, towns, and communities across the country, as layoffs are announced, pink slips are issued, and factories are closed down.
LEE HECHT HARRISON, A NATIONAL PERSONNEL-SERVICES FIRM WITH AN office in Cherry Creek, began one recent press release with the exhortation, "If you're holding one of the pink slips being passed out.
But he did have ``the important stuff,'' he said - his birth certificate, passport, vehicle pink slips and checkbooks.
Kinross Gold shut down its Kirkland Lake facilities in 1999, plagued by high production costs and diving gold prices, issuing about 200 pink slips in the process while they concentrated operations in Timmins.
After all, investigating why so many jobs have been forced out of California would mean following trails of pink slips back to city councils, county commissions, and, of course, back to the state Legislature.
Nearly 500 employees are affected, including 147 who were handed their pink slips.