Pink Slip

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A popular term for a note from an employer to an employee, indicating that the latter has been terminated
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Second, on February 6, 1935, he sent the petition and a form letter under Sentinels letterhead to 12,000 people urging them to complain about the pink slip and explaining exactly what steps they should take to do so.
This pink slip is the admission slip and UdM officials have confirmed to us that these are fakes, Irinco said.
"I ask him, I want to see my son, please give me pink slip. If I have pink slip I can go to Jordan, I can go to see my son".
Pink Slip Mid-Michigan, a program operated by Meridian Christian Community Ministries (MCCM), provides interactive networking opportunities for businesses and job seekers.
"There were a couple of times I wondered if I was going to get a pink slip," Romney claimed.
He hasn't got a pink slip but he was among the millions of Canadians who went through uncertain times with the economy graph on the downturn.
Even after receiving a pink slip and a severance offer, employees have one last chance to negotiate a package that will help compensate them for their income loss.
In the pink slip arena are Kris Markovich (let go from Blind), Jimmy Astleford and Carlos de Andrade (gone from World), and Kristian Svitak, Jim Gagne, John Ponts, and Jhovany Vidal (all dropped from Black Label).
In the mood for love: Left, Red quilted make-up bag, pounds 4.99, centre, H&M, Pink slip, pounds 9.99,and, right, H&M, Pink shoes with diamante heart, pounds 35,
a pink slip Sunday, leaving their fabled film company Miramax with just one employee.
Other retailers located in Grand Central Terminal include Posman Books, Joon Stationery, Michael Eigen Jewelers, lingerie boutique Pink Slip, Banana Republic, L'Occitane, Tumi, Kenneth Cole, Rite Aid and Origins.