Pink Medicine

One of 2 ‘anti-cancer’ medicines promoted in the 1950s by Harvey Hoxsey, which consisted of cascara from prickly ash bark, buckthorn bark, red clover blossoms, burberry root, burdock root, licorice root, pokeweed, and alfalfa
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"Ronnie said he is going to see give you pink medicine to make you feel better."
'My plan for a cosy afternoon snuggled up by the light of the Christmas tree watching festive films to aid recovery was thwarted when a quick temperature check nearly broke the thermometer and no amount of pink medicine would reverse it.
It turns out that coaxing tablets and Whiskas into a recalcitrant cat is pretty good practice for force-feeding viscous pink medicine to a yowling infant.
When your stomach aches, you might grab a bottle of pink medicine containing this element, which has 83 protons.
The pobs were good but how about Fennings fever cure, Scotch emulsion, Parishers chemical food (pink medicine), slippery elm food, extract of malt and let's not forget "pink pills for pale people".
The 6-year-old may only know that her tummy hurts, and she doesn't feel like playing or eating, but knows that the pink medicine makes it better.