Pink Ladies

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A regional term for a formulation of depressants
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The American actress, 67, starred in the 1978 musical film as one of the Pink Ladies, alongside Olivia Newton-John.
So back to 23 December , I received many positive messages of support from the Pink Ladies, all providing sensible advice on how to manage chemo, what to eat and drink, what to take to the hospital with me -- you name it, the advice was invaluable.
Didi Conn dug her Pink Ladies jacket out of her wardrobe to celebrateGrease's 40th anniversary by returning to Frenchy's bedroom.
The Pink Ladies started fundraising for Cancer Research UK in 2013 after one of their founding members, Jacqui Hampton, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
We felt it was time the Pink Ladies and T-Birds made another appearance."
But as a clutch of women who call themselves Pink Ladies will tell you, cancer is not a one-month affair.
The Dirab Ladies Group's 2014-2015 wraparound season started last October, the month it also holds its annual Pink Ladies Tournament in support of the worldwide campaign for breast cancer awareness month.
Set in 1959 at Rydell High School, the musical follows two groups of teenagers, known collectively as the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, as they tackle issues of love, friendship and rebellion.
She currently works in the airline industry and recently co-founded Pink Ladies Event Planning.
5GREASE 5 GREASE (1978) - Who cares that the cast were edging towards their thirties when they made this high school musical; the tale of the Pink Ladies and T-Birds has stood the test of time.
An epic battle in the second division saw Stanley's Cask and The Pink Ladies showcase a fantastic display of five-a-side football from both sides.
In a hard-fought contest from the opening pitch to the final out, third-seeded Liberty Tavern/The Elite Company took a 19-15 decision from the Pink Ladies, the second seed, in the championship game of the single-elimination playoffs on Thursday night at Savage Field.