Pink Label

A label attached to units of packed red cells in compliance with the California State Blood Labelling Regulations that identifies units that are ABO group B
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Releasing a beer with a pink label for girls is the perfect example of sexist advertising, oh and just FYI, 'girls' aren't old enough to drink beer.
Another small business owner who has supported the campaign, Alex Purvis of Pink Label Marketing, agreed that a shift in culture was more important, but said small SMEs needed more help in getting the money they were owed.
Dressed in a pretty pink label, it tastes delicious and looks the part - serve as an aperitif while the charcoal is firing up.
We're all off to our Sunshine Ladies networking meeting today at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead to learn more about blogging from Alex Purvis from Pink Label Marketing.
John Bittle commissioned a brewery to produce something special to mark the event and Bittles Pink Label has been a real hit with customers.
Athena gives consumers the opportunity to purchase a cause-related product 365 days a year, not just during October, when many products on the shelves have a pink label in support of breast cancer awareness.
The Company will also be showcasing a part of its global Pink Label Range, a Harley-Davidson clothing and accessories line that supports breast cancer research throughout the world.
Dress pounds 187, Pink Label Diamond by Gina Bacconi 5.
Beautifully packaged with a pink label is Blandy's Alvado 5 Year-Old (pounds 11.
Available at Pink Label, 446 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 718-6457465.
Part of the Pink Label Invitation to Collecting line, Titanic Barbie comes with a doll stand and her costume is not removable.