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camera, pinhole 

A camera in which the lens is replaced by a pinhole (e.g. the camera obscura).
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The most important characteristics of a pinhole lens are its optical speed - the lower the f-number the greater the speed - and its ease of installation and use.
When covert operation is required in locations having widely varying light-level conditions, and when a silicon or Newvicon tube, charge coupled device (CCD), solid-state, or other intensified low light level (LLL) camera is used, a pinhole lens with an automatic iris controlling the light reaching the camera sensor is necessary.
This dilemma has been solved with the availability of a pinhole lens kit.
With this kit of pinhole lens parts, eight different FL lenses can be assembled in either a straight or right-angle configuration in minutes.
Several points should be considered when using standard, fully assembled pinhole lenses or pinhole lenses made from the pinhole lens kit:
The straight pinhole lens with the sprinkler-mirror attachment displays a right-to-left picture.
Viewing through a wall with a wide-angle 4-to-8-mm FL pinhole lens may require a cone-shaped hole or an array of small holes to prevent tunneling of the scene image.
This makes the mini-lens approximately five times faster (able to collect five times more light) than the pinhole lens.
When the 11-ram or 22-mm mini-lens or pinhole lens is mounted behind a viewing barrier, a central hole as small as 1/16 inch is suitable for producing a full image of the scene, providing sufficient light is available for the camera.