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camera, pinhole 

A camera in which the lens is replaced by a pinhole (e.g. the camera obscura).
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Personally, I like using pinhole photography because it captures the elements that we identify strongly with in both the UAE and the region -- time, change and our connection to the past.
I have been exploring pinhole photography as a way to incorporate photography into my ninth-grade art curriculum.
There are wind-up toys like the Eco Mic for EUR13, perfect for budding pop stars, or the Pinhole Photography Kit (pictured) for EUR16.
Pinhole photography is also an excellent way to teach the basic properties of light in a manner that inspires wonder at God's design, especially to young people.
The pinhole photography project was backed by the Young Roots heritage lottery fund and the Gurnos-based 3Gs regeneration organisation.
The Lensbaby Optic Swap System will include four interchangeable optic options: Double Glass (multi-coated doublet, 50mm), Single Glass (uncoated, 50mm), Plastic (50mm) and Pinhole/Zone plate (f/177 aperture hole for pinhole photography and f/19 Zone plate opening).
The college is offering a selection of one-day classes including figurative drawing, Adobe Indesign CS5, Quark Express, pinhole photography and ceramics.
Isolated from society in her mansion, lonely Penelope also spends her time collecting hobbies, from playing musical instruments and pinhole photography to skateboarding and juggling chainsaws.
Now 14 hoardings that surround scaffolding there will show botanical images generated by the Victorian art of pinhole photography.
Cat Clifford's work in pinhole photography, video and, yes, paper clothing is so slight, so unenergizing, that it's almost impossible to describe.
However, despite technological advances, you may be surprised to know that pinhole photography - developed around 150 years ago - is attracting a growing following.
No where else can you get immediate insight into a wide-range of disciplines such as letterpress printing to stamp making, journal keeping to block carving, bookbinding to pinhole photography and more.