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Grange S., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Coffin-Lowry syndrome, Coffin-Siris syndrome.


(kô′fĭn, kŏf′ĭn)
The horny part of a horse's hoof.
tr.v. cof·fined, cof·fining, cof·fins
To place in or as if in a coffin.
Mortuary science A funerary box used to display and contain deceased remains—either for burial or cremation
Radiation safety A heavily-leaded container used to transport relatively large amounts of radioactive material—e.g., from the manufacturer
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A large pine box is not only ideal for storage, but can be used as a mini coffee table or a seat.
One can understand that clergymen get a tad irritated with people who book in for a wedding blessing, pop by a few years later to have their offspring christened and then aren't seen again until they return in a pine box.
In World War I, ten million men died on the battlefield, but we needed John Dos Passos to confront us with what that meant: In his novel 1919, he writes of the death of John Doe: "In the tarpaper morgue at Chalons-sur-Marne in the reek of chloride of lime and the dead, they picked out the pine box that held all that was left of" him.
The Masonite had to be precisely cut to fit inside the pine box. (Luckily I keep a skill saw around!) To mount the spoons, I used Mighty Mounts, and the cases were mounted to the wall with Z-Bar.
One afternoon, archivist Norton Owen pulled from a pine box a very old and very hairy Japanese headdress used by Ted Shawn.
When she finally returns home, it is in a pine box. The victim of a supposed swimming accident, Alicia is only one of countless victims of the government's "rehabilitation" program.
Although every item is sold under the Country Living brand, Callaro pointed out that the manufacturer's name is used where QVC felt it would have significance, as in the Country Living Green Grapes larder jug by Spode and the Country Living Covered Bridge pine box by Lane.
And then everybody ate, and then at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon they carried her to the family graveyard in a pine box. I remember they carried it shoulder high.
Cesar, who was always good at symbols, saved his best for last: a simple pine box, fashioned by his brother's hands, carried unceremoniously through the Central Valley town he made famous.
After three years of collaborative effort, Marilyn, 42, the busy wife of the Vice President, and Nancy, 47, mother of four, married to an oral surgeon in Tullahoma, Tennessee, put Fidel Castro in a pine box and successfully take on the Cubans, the Russians, the Arabs, and the Democrats--all in a single volume that is causing a stir on the bestseller lists.
("Perfect Crime" checks off all the boxes a rock song should, but keep an ear out for "Take A Bow," a piece that dips its toe into psych-rock before diving in headfirst.) Join the release celebration along with Dangerous Chairs, This Pine Box and Farewell Captain.
When you are a soldier, the thought of getting back to your family, without being surrounded by a pine box, is what keeps you going.