Pindborg tumor

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cal·ci·fy·ing ep·i·the·li·al o·don·to·gen·ic tu·mor

a benign epithelial odontogenic neoplasm derived from the stratum intermedium of the enamel organ; a painless, slowly growing, mixed radiolucent-radiopaque lesion characterized histologically by cords of polyhedral epithelial cells, deposits of amyloid, and spherical calcifications.
Synonym(s): Pindborg tumor

Pindborg tumor

(pind'borg?, pin'bor?)
[Jens J?rgen Pindborg, Danish oral pathologist, 1921–1995]
A rare tumor, typically of the jaw, consisting of malignant epithelial cells with a polyhedral shape and deposits of cementum. It is often associated with an impacted tooth.
Synonym: calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor


Jens J., Danish oral pathologist, 1921–.
Pindborg tumor - a benign epithelial odontogenic neoplasm. Synonym(s): calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor
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We report a case of recurrent Pindborg tumor of the maxilla that is interesting in view of its atypical presentation and its aggressive nature, which required a maxillectomy.