Jens J., Danish oral pathologist, 1921-1995. See: Pindborg tumor.
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1 Kramer IR, Pindborg JJ, Shear M: Histological typing of odontogenic tumours.
We followed histological grading criteria of Pindborg and Sirsat (1966) (Fig.
Pindborg y colaboradores en 1997, con la colaboracion de la OMS, plantearon una nueva clasificacion en la que diversificaron las lesiones precancerosas, tanto por su aspecto clinico como histologico, y detallaron las condiciones precancerosas.
The keratocystic odontogenic tumour (KCOT) was first described by Philipsen in 19561 and its attributes were outlined by Pindborg and Hansen.2
Later in 1955, Dutch pathologist Jens Jorgen Pindborg recognized it as a distinct entity.
(12) When features are not classical, the tumor can mimic ameloblastoma, Pindborg tumor, fibrous dysplasia, ossifying fibroma and even osteosarcoma when the tumor perforates the cortex with the formation of multiple, radiating spicules giving a sunburst appearance.
(3.) Andreasen JO, Pindborg JJ, Hjorting Hansen E, Axell T.