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(pĭng′kəs, pĭn′-), Gregory Goodwin 1903-1967.
American physiologist. Through his studies of natural hormones that inhibit ovulation in mammals, he developed the first effective oral contraceptive, which was first tested in 1954.
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We are pleased with the favourable reception to Warburg Pincus XII,' said Charles R.
Warburg Pincus seeks to partner with management teams to build companies of sustainable value.
Higginson commented "I am delighted to be working with Warburg Pincus again.
According to materials obtained by the reporter, Guangdong Zhenrong, Warburg Pincus and Southernpec reached an agreement under which Warburg Pincus and Southernpec would first obtain the storage assets from the liquidator and then sell them to Guangdong Zhenrong.
Right when I walked outside the door, I knew I had passed," Pincus recalled.
This conference was moved to a new venue when the previous meeting site had refused admission to the accomplished African-American hormone scientist, Percy Julian, a protest to which Pincus lent his strong voice.
Warburg Pincus gained the right to appoint a non-executive to the board but is barred from increasing its stake within the next 18 months.
By joining together to make this purchase, TPF and Warburg Pincus have acquired high quality facilities in strategic locations which help meet market demand," said Alan Levande, managing director of Tenaska Capital, manager of TPF.
Since 1997, Warburg Pincus has invested approximately $270 million in a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals, media, telecommunications and information technology in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.
Pincus sees this positively, as extending ducal presence beyond S.
With the attractive long-term fundamentals in the specialty pharmaceutical industry and the depth of our collective network with Warburg Pincus, we believe Vertice Pharma is very well positioned.
Warburg Pincus is a leading private equity investor in telecommunications, media and technology companies ("TMT").