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The convincing of a consumer to add more life insurance policies to ones already purchased, often with the promise that they would be paid for with built-up values in their old policies
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The emergence of piggybacking has reopened questions about whether scoring models should be required to consider authorized-user accounts.
Like lenders, we are unable to determine with our data which authorized-user accounts are the result of piggybacking and, therefore, are unable to measure the extent to which piggybacking is occurring.
The third question that we ask is "how does excluding authorized-user accounts from credit scoring models affect credit scores?" Excluding authorized-user accounts from scoring models has been the most commonly proposed solution to the challenge posed by piggybacking. We re-estimate the scoring model used in this study without using any information from authorized-user accounts and generate new scores using this re-estimated model.
"Because of the environmental emergency in Tucson, there was no other choice besides McElroy fusion equipment and piggybacking," said Shields.
Another example of the huge advantage piggybacking offers occurred in Dalton Georgia.
"Piggybacking is a catalyst, much like trenchless technology, that is bringing the construction advantages of HDPE to the forefront of contractor's and civil engineer's minds.
Ali asserted that piggybacking is a common practice among pollsters.
Newport said he does not believe there is a generally accepted policy among pollsters on piggybacking.
For example, at two airports investigators found that piggybacking was only tested eight times in two years even though it is the most common method of obtaining unauthorized access.
To overcome these problems, the inspector general's report urges the FAA to work with airports and air carriers to eliminate major access control risks, such as piggybacking and unchallenged entry, through technology.
During peak times, a security officer is now posted at these doors to prevent piggybacking and ensure that doors are completely closed when not in use.
Lasers are frequently used to power other lasers, but when the power source is the world's most powerful optical laser, and the one piggybacking on it is pushing laser technology to some of the shortest wavelengths yet recorded, the combination is unique.