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The convincing of a consumer to add more life insurance policies to ones already purchased, often with the promise that they would be paid for with built-up values in their old policies
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Without much expectations from American recording industry moguls, the quartet's number sort of piggy-backed with the million-dollar selling "Rain3."
He wrote on Instagram: "Shout out to Daisy Ridley for no particular reason other than she is a brilliantly natural, instinctive actor, a delight to work with and the best piggy-back ride in the business.
"I think it would be lovely to pick up any stragglers via a few little impromptu piggy-backs!" said Patrick, who will be running alongside hospice mascot Zoe Bear.
By contrast, closed-end second liens (CESs) often were issued to borrowers with low credit scores and were more likely to be originated at the same time as a first lien (a so-called piggy-back mortgage) or with a nonprime first mortgage.
Will the Etios Motor Racing Trophy be a stand-alone series or will it piggy-back on an existing racing championship?
probes the world of commercial enterprises seeking to piggy-back on breast cancer to sell products or make token donations to "find the cure." The film aims to get people to think critically about what pink ribbon corporate fundraising is really about and how the billions of dollars raised are being spent.
The final photo in this week's selection comes from Keith Day, 57, from Kings Norton, who caught the unusual sight of a frog taking a piggy-back on a plastic duck in his garden pond.
It is understood Sir Stelios plans to piggy-back on routes flown by low-cost carrier Easyjet and could fund the expansion through a potential stock market listing on London's junior AIM market.
SHE was having fun with her young sister in a piggy-back game.
THE Australians appear to have upped their attempts to piggy-back on New Zealand's success.
This bill replaces provisions of the 2008 "piggy-back" bill--ch.
You would give us piggy-back rides in the pool, have swimming underwater contests with us and teach us handstands.