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The convincing of a consumer to add more life insurance policies to ones already purchased, often with the promise that they would be paid for with built-up values in their old policies
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Maria isn't happy because she's in high heels - but gallant Luke offers her a piggy back.
A WOMAN having a piggy back ride was injured after falling over onto rocks.
Benny gives Berrie a piggy back at South Staffordshire College
However, after hearing of Chloe's plight, children's charity the Variety Club stepped forward to fund a specialist piece of equipment - the Piggy Back MK11 bike attachment, allowing her to travel safely, fully supported, at the back of her dad's bike.
Also Samsung's current marketing strategy seems pretty apt trying to piggy back Apple iPhone's success by providing the galaxy phones for free an attempt to give customers a taste of its product.
Meanwhile, KELLY OSBOURNE went flying when boyfriend MATTY DERHAM, who is in the band FIELDS gave her a piggy back.
At one stage Colin picked up his 22-year-old girlfriend and gave her a piggy back around the pool while she showed off her figure in a pink bikini.
Traditional games will include an egg and spoon race, piggy back race, three-legged race, wellie wanging and pea sucking.
She said: "I am desperate to get Piggy back, she means everything to me.
Although I suppose it's Mitch Winehouse, currently trying to piggy back to fame on the back of his late daughter, who picks up the bad-taste tweeting biscuit.
The piggy back heart allowed the patient's heart to take a rest," he said.
As Orlaith, 26, showed the secrets of her toned body, the Belfast girl even leapt on the 6ft 5in fitness fanatic for a piggy back.