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The convincing of a consumer to add more life insurance policies to ones already purchased, often with the promise that they would be paid for with built-up values in their old policies
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Piggy Back Squats Squat with your child on your back and if you have another child, challenge them to do more squats than you in one go.
Bernabe explained this is where competition principles come in because the two players hold the essential facilities and if they are not allowed to piggy back they cannot provide the proper services required of them.
MY HERO Lothario Luke gives Maria a piggy back. Pictures: Mark Campbell
TOMORROW AINTREE: 12.05 Current Event, 12.35 Stormin Exit, 1.10 Puyol, 1.45 Merigo (nap), 2.20 Categorical, 2.55 Devotion To Duty, 3.30 Piggy Back.
However, after hearing of Chloe's plight, children's charity the Variety Club stepped forward to fund a specialist piece of equipment - the Piggy Back MK11 bike attachment, allowing her to travel safely, fully supported, at the back of her dad's bike.
Will the staff of the Shabab give them piggy back rides up to the restaurant?
However the run up is likely to continue at least till August since most of the mills have joined the bandwagon by increasing prices to capitalize on this rare piggy back. Most of steel majors have just culminated an enforced capital maintenance and are rearing to go full hog.
Also Samsung's current marketing strategy seems pretty apt trying to piggy back Apple iPhone's success by providing the galaxy phones for free an attempt to give customers a taste of its product.
Pete, 29, then apologised to fans for starting his solo Friday slot 30 minutes late, saying: "I thought I was on tomorrow!" Meanwhile, KELLY OSBOURNE went flying when boyfriend MATTY DERHAM, who is in the band FIELDS gave her a piggy back. But Kel, 24, was OK.
She also outlined several potential projects the APR is considering for 2006, including a "piggy back" collection with paper, a convenience store and out-of-home collection program and stadium/venue collection.