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hor·de·o·lum ex·ter·'num

inflammation of the sebaceous gland of an eyelash.
Synonym(s): sty, stye




n. pl. sties also styes (stīz)
Inflammation of one or more sebaceous glands of an eyelid.


External hordeolum, eyelash follicle infection Ophthalmology An acute infection of the eyelid's sebaceous glands or hair follicles/eyelashes due to blocked glands in eyelid; once glands are blocked, bacterial infection–often staphylococcal–ensues, resulting in a gob of pus/pimple; the infection resolves when the pus drains from the sty Caution Don't pop pimple, it could worsen; it usually resolves on its own


A suppurative inflammation of a gland or hair follicle of the eyelid.
Synonym(s): sty, stye.
[Mod. L., hordeolus, a sty in the eye, dim. of hordeum, barley]
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nematodes include keeping pig pens separate from vegetable fields and avoiding use of pig manure for fertilizer, especially on produce.
The 12' by 20' cement-floored pig pens are sloped at about 20:1 and built next to a pit 5 feet deep, running the length of the adjacent pens.
Specifically, nine sites for measurement of air temperature and velocity were identified from each of the upper (180 cm above ground level), middle (120 cm above ground level) and lower (30 cm above ground level) levels of the individual pig pens of both the EPH and CPH.
"Our free-range pigs were getting sunburnt and we realised that one solution was to plant trees to provide shelter and also to screen the pig pens. We've planted some cherry trees so that we'll be able see the blossom from the house.
Daisy Chain, which provides a range of services for children with autism and their families from its Calf Fallow Farm site in Norton, needed some help to make its new pig pens secure.
A pig which was being escorted to the judging arena managed to escape from its owner and ran all around the pig pens before they managed to get it ready for the "Old Spot best female" category.
The outbuildings include garaging and stabling with three stalls and an old loft as well as former pig pens all with some potential for conversion, subject to planning approval.
Then, to hoots of laughter, a supervisor told them to landscape an area around the pig pens in the shape of a curvy woman."
We have sheds, pig pens, horse stables and a working garden.
The small sheds were pig pens, I remember a friend falling off one of them into a massive patch of stinging nettles.
The hypochlorite ion (O[Cl.sup.-]) is a widely used disinfecting agent to sterilize pig pens and to prevent animal diseases spreading in Korea.