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Pierre, French mathematician, 1580-1637.
Vernier acuity - detection of displacement of a portion of a line.
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In one scene, Pierre Vernier, the teacher of history and geography who narrates the first section of novel in the first person, asks one of his students about the Renaissance in order to get him to produce a proper narrative of history:
Pierre Vernier recognizes the limitations of his Eurocentric point-of-view each time he looks at the face of Maurice Tangala, one of the students in his class.
Pierre Vernier is forced to recognize his spatio-temporal position in relation to Maurice Tangala through what we could a "chronotope of meeting," (19) and their subsequent interaction compels him to question that position.
"Un globe terrestre [...] est une representation fidele mais incommode; il est necessaire d'avoir des cartes, mais, comme il est impossible de faire coincider le moindre fragment d'une surface plane et d'une spherique, il y a necessairement transposition, projection, selon des systemes divers qui ont tous leurs inconvenients, deforment toujours certains aspects, si bien qu'il faudra toujours choisir, lorqu'on etudie tel domaine celui qui s'y rapporte le mieux, et toujours beaucoup se mefier, surtout des cartes qui pretendent representer l'esemble de la terre, essayer toujours de garder present a 1'esprit le genre de corrections que Ton doit leur apporter ..." (22) Pierre Vernier also recognizes this problem of projection in his own pedagogical practice.
For instance, at one point in his narrative, Pierre Vernier discusses the "systeme de triades" as he sees it playing out around him, and then actually maps this space of social relations directly onto the urban space of Paris.
It is thanks to these structures of feeling that Pierre Vernier considers himself able to begin his novelistic project--but it is the dissymmetries, difficulties and contradictions that make up his material, and for which he is ultimately searching.
With: Valerie Lemercier, Lambert Wilson, Catherine Deneuve, Michel Aumont, Mathilde Seigner, Denis Podalydes, Michel Vuillermoz, Gisele Casadesus, Gilbert Melki, Etienne Chicot, Maurane, Noel Godin, Franck De La Personne, Pierre Vernier, Veronique Barrault, Michel Fortin.
This month in Design History: While tuning trombones for the Hapsburg military band, Pierre Vernier creates the vernier scale, 1610.
Eric Berger, Anne Brochet, Jacques Boudet, Martine Chevallier, Pierre Vernier, Jean-Marc Roulot, Erick Desmarestz, Evelyne Didi, Andre Wilms.
Marie Drillon Charlotte Rampling Jean Drillon Bruno Cremer Vincent Jacques Nolot Amanda Alexandra Stewart Gerard Pierre Vernier Suzanne Andree Tainsy (French & English dialogue)