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Pierre, French pediatrician, 1867-1950.
Pierre Robin syndrome - micrognathia and abnormal smallness of the tongue, often with cleft palate, severe myopia, congenital glaucoma, and retinal detachment. Synonym(s): Robin syndrome
Robin syndrome - Synonym(s): Pierre Robin syndrome
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Swallowing disorders in Pierre Robin sequence: its correction by distraction.
Airway management in two newborns with Pierre Robin Sequence: the use of disposable vs multiple use LMA for fiberoptic intubation.
In this article, we describe the cases of 2 neonates with syndromic Pierre Robin sequence who experienced feeding difficulties and severe upper airway obstruction.
A 20-day-old boy was referred to our attention with a diagnosis of syndromic Pierre Robin sequence.
18) It can be difficult to make a definitive diagnosis of micrognathia on the basis of an in utero evaluation because a variable degree of phenotypic expression might be present; there is also the potential for in utero development of anomalies, including Pierre Robin syndrome.
Many management approaches have been considered to relieve upper respiratory obstruction in patients with Pierre Robin sequence, but the choice of treatment is determined by the severity of the obstruction.
Feeding difficulties pose a particular challenge for physicians and parents of infants with Pierre Robin sequence.