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Luigi, 20th-century Argentine dermatologist. See: atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini.
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And it would be on that basis that it can recruit new members into its ranks and files not by "cutting deals" or exchanging favors," Pierino told Sudan Tribune.
Indeed, the work that used to be performed by Pierino Azzali and his sons is carried on now by Indian migrants: only a few miles from Piadena, the village of Pessina Cremonese is home to Europe's largest Sikh temple.
The implications of that characterization varied over the centuries as the nature of the international state system evolved, (4) but for more than four centuries the general understanding of its meaning has been that expressed by the Italian theorist Pierino Belli, who wrote that war could be commenced against pirates without a declaration of war because "they are both technically and in fact already at war; for people whose hand is against every man should expect a like return from all men, and it should be permissible for any one to attack them.
El ano '87 realizamos, con otro amigo, Pierino Dal Pozzo, una exposicion colectiva de instalaciones en la Alianza Francesa.
The campaign of post-Tridentine cloister lunette cycles began with the Chiostro Grande at S Maria Novella in 1581, and if was soon followed by examples at the Compagnia della SS Annunziata (or S Pierino, c.
Pierino Roland Como 5/18/1913 or 1912 in Canonsburg, Penn.
Leopoldo Leonardo Pieraccioni Gimondi Massimo Ceccherini Chiara Luisa Ranieri Melanie Melanie Gerren Don Capece Lucio Allocca Ubaldo Claudio Angelini Pierino Giorgio Picchianti
The best place to buy Colombian emeralds is at the final stop of the tour at Pierino Gallo Plaza, an ultra-modern, two-level shopping center.
Del matrimonio nacieron Mario, Margarita, Giorgio, Pierino, Italo y Luigi Garino Gallo.
Pat Eddery doubles up at Chester as Tolspring (Ron Barnes) lands the odds from sole rival Alezan Dore (Nicky Vigors/Willie Carson) in the sprint, and Pierino (Duncan Sasse) is too strong for Netherkelly (Reg Hollinshead/Tony Ives) in the 12-furlong handicap.
Le relief d' Ugolin de Pierino da Vinci: Une reponse sculptee au probleme du paragone.
Pierino's unfailing ability to 'return' to haunt his increasingly frustrated and neurotic owner, makes of Pierino a chilling personification of bad conscience conceived in exquisitely modern if not positively Kaf kaesque terms.