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Piedmont, Piedmontese

a breed of white or pale gray, with black points, dual-purpose cattle. They have short horns and a deep forehead, like other brachyceros-type cattle.
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Resilient Economy: Piemonte is one of the strongest manufacturing Italian hubs.
In a statement, the government said it would declare a state of emergency on Monday in Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta, where most major roads were impassable.
We picked traditional designs that we feel will be commercially interesting, and we tweaked the colors a little to make them consumer-friendly," Piemonte said.
Piemonte said Revman is also offering a Laura Ashley Children's Rooms group.
Price points are still being worked out, said Piemonte.
We want to support the fact that Laura Ashley is a decorating brand, and that they were the first to have a consumer-friendly retail shop," said Piemonte.
Di Lewis"continues to be a hot story out in the market," commented Piemonte.
Diane Piemonte, vice president of creative services, described the Chaumonix ensemble in the new jacquard fleece construction, as "a new look for the marketplace.
We wanted to jump in early because we think it's hot and wanted to make a statement," said Diane Piemonte, vice president of creative services.