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Piedmont, Piedmontese

a breed of white or pale gray, with black points, dual-purpose cattle. They have short horns and a deep forehead, like other brachyceros-type cattle.
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In order to bridge the divide between the works that primarily focus either on the bios or zoe side of life, and to bring animals' (socio-material and symbolic) lives/deaths back into studies of biocapitalism, we elaborate on key concepts drawn from Shukin's (2009) zoopolitics and Agamben's biopolitics and we analyse the commercialisation of the semen of Piedmontese bulls.
Nonetheless, this is not the case for Piedmontese Sinti that has moved from a synthetic to an analytic nominal case marking.
For a formal evening out, dinner at the opulent Del Cambio (0039 01154 6690), where you'll be served rich and traditional Piedmontese dishes, is ideal.
Parry MM (1995) Some observations on the syntax of clitic pronouns in Piedmontese.
For the Fenoglio family the dialect of the Piedmontese region of Langhe was the real mother tongue, usually used in the conversations of the everyday life.
7) That the city of Turin is proving able, with today's FIAT weighing less heavily on it, to breathe more freely, and to look and feel less like a company dorm, is of course true, but largely beside the point for today's unemployed or underemployed Piedmontese (or for would-be future Piedmontese from other regions of Italy).
Spaniards are "vain," the Piedmontese "terrorized by the unexpected," the Maltese "ungrateful.
We are revising all the dishes of traditional Piedmontese cuisine and adapting them to today s needs.
Many are based in part or entirely on recipes handed down to him by his mother - the agnolotti di fagianella cavolo rosso al burro aromatico e castagne - agnolotti filled with guinea fowl and red cabbage, herb butter and chestnuts for example, or even his grandmother who inspired the bonet delle langhe, piemontesi piedmontese pudding with amaretti and bourbon vanilla sauce.
Massimo d'Azeglio, a Piedmontese aristocrat, wrote what are probably the most profound words about liberty's promise and its perils: "The gift of liberty is like that of a horse, handsome, strong and high-spirited.
Ten years ago, when Indian menus used to exist in the Dark Ages, the Piedmontese chef came to the city for a food festival at La Piazza and shared his recipe for this chocolate dessert.
The Piedmontese can run and play with the best of Italians, but they're a tough, proud, fierce mountain people.