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A circular chart in which the size of each 'slice' is proportional to the frequency of each category of a variable
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Figure 4: Pie Graph Showing the Responses of 'genetic' 62% of the respondents pronounced this vowel correctly while 38% pronounced it incorrectly by replacing the second vowel /e/ with / minuscule/.
Both sides could use the pie graph to argue that huge numbers of Americans agree with them.
080 mn 2% Aldi EUR 21,600 mn 48% Source: M+M Planet Retail Note: Table made from pie graph.
2] biochemistry lab building Architecture 36-40% HVAC and controls 15-18% Structure 11-15% General conditions overhead and profit 10-11% Electrical and security 9-11% Site and civil 2-4% Source: HLW International and Accu-Cost Note: Table made from pie graph.
IT MARKET IN LATIN AMERICA Brazil US$78 bn Mexico US$35 bn Argentina US$22 bn Venezuela US$8 bn Others US$8 bn Child US$7 bn Peru US$4 bn SOURCE: Gartner Dataquest Note: Table made from pie graph
This paper proposes and tests the following three-component model of reading a pie graph to estimate segment size: (a) selecting a mentally represented anchor segment (25%, 50%, or 75%), (b) mentally aligning representations of the anchor and target segments, and (c) mentally adjusting the size of the anchor to match the target.
If we made a pie graph of women receiving support and education during the childbearing year in this country and broke it down by age and actual number of pregnant women, there would be a noticeable lack for the mothers under the age of 19 group.
For example, suppose an application developer wanted to display a pie graph to the user.
A maximum of six separate ranges of data can be represented on an individual graph, except for the pie graph and the scatter diagram.
hormonious physical development 33% improved the immune 27% system functional 13% independence motor development 13% inter human 7% relationships belonging to a group 7% Note: Table made from pie graph.
Company description Manufacturer 38% Distributor 31% 3PL 9% Retailer 10% Other 12% Note: Table made from pie graph.