Pie Chart

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A circular chart in which the size of each 'slice' is proportional to the frequency of each category of a variable
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of Cases Fall from Train 38 Trespasser 25 Nature call 4 Walking towards 2 Lying on track 13 Unknown 4 Natural death 5 Suffocation 1 Pie Diagram 1.
Pie Diagram 1 Bimatroprost group Timolol group No side effects 84% 88% Mild conjunctival hyperaemia 4% 12% Stinging sensation 12% -- Note: Table made from pie chart.
of cases Percentage (%) Male 57 95 Female 3 5 Total 60 100 Chart 1: Pie diagram showing gender distribution Gender Ratio MALE 95% FEMALE 5% Note: Table made from pie chart.
The cause of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, sex distribution, age of exchange transfusion, pattern of decrement in TSB values are depicted by plotting the values in Pie diagram & graphical representation.
The cause of death & percentage being calculated by plotting the values in bar diagram & Pie diagram.
Graph 3: Distribution of malignant skin lesions Pie diagram showing correlation between FNAC and histology concordant 85.7 discordant 14.3 Note: Table made from pie chart.
Pie diagram 2: Showing distribution of cases in SBI group SBI(57) Number of Cases UTI 19% UTI and Bacteremia 2% Bacterial meningitis 0% Sepsis 27% Pneumonia 52% Note: Table made from pie chart.