Pie Chart

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A circular chart in which the size of each 'slice' is proportional to the frequency of each category of a variable
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44.2% Yes 25.4% Not sure 30.4% No Note: Table made from pie chart. Q: Do you think there's a future in AI influencers like Lil Miquela?
Perimeter defense 6% Incident response 10% Data hygiene/ 21% information governance Intrusion 37% detection/ prevention systems Penetration 25% testing Source: Nuix, J he Mack Report: Decoding the Minds oj Hackers Note: Table made from pie chart.
SOURCE: THE LICENSING LETTER Note: Table made form pie chart.
Don't 1% know Disagree 9% Neither 10% Agree 80% Note: Table made from pie chart. 4 Would you rather the government favoured British-based companies when awarding contracts even if this was a more expensive option?
4, select 6 countries from the bar graph, and plot them as a pie chart (Fig.
Countering the flat planes and clean lines of the pie chart, the components were joined in odd tangencies, forming a structure with an impressive sense of movement, like a juggling act with no juggler, frozen in time.
5.8% Canada 2.0% Mexico 2.4% Eastern Europe 2.0% Western Europe 9.1% Northern Europe 1.8% Southern Europe 1.6% Japan 0.2% China 1.8% India 7.1% Korea 0.6% Asia-Pacific/Other 6.3% South America 2.8% Central America 1.2% Note: Table made from pie chart. Respondents by Job Category R&D/Technical Director 15.2% Lab/Technical/R&D Manager 20.0% Senior Chemist 18.9% Chemist 14.8% Technician/Lab Support 8.6% Other 22.6% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Use a pie chart to illustrate numbers expressed in percent of a whole,
Source: Rasmussen Reports Note: Table made from pie chart.
In a way, the event is one of the institution's most important because on that evening it presents on a large screen, to the cameras of the entire European press, the very first pie chart giving a preview of the structure of the new Parliament.
Revenues by Category Contributions 66% Sponsorships 8% Publication Sales & Licensing 7% Hall of Fame 19% Note: Table made from pie chart. Expenses by Function Research 80% FELIX, Ask FERF, newsletters, CPE's 5% Hall of Fame 15% Note: Table made from pie chart.
United States No change 60% Expanding 6% May freeze or downsize 33% Note: Table made from pie chart. Canada No change 70% Expanding 12% May freeze or downsize 17% Note: Table made from pie chart.