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A language that is no one’s native language, but is used as an auxiliary or supplemental language between 2 or more mutually unintelligible speech communities
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We identify also in this paper the problem of intergenerational language transmission arising from parental and community attitude toward using the mother tongue as the primary means of communication; Government policies and institutional attitude toward promoting English language and only the so-called three major Nigerian languages (Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa) at the expense of other minority languages like Etsako; challenge of movement of Etsako language from oral to written and lack of documents or books written in the mother tongue; neglect of Etsako oral literatures encoded in folk tales, proverbs and indigenous songs; problem of Nigeria pidgin English; and the effect of globalization.
Por otra parte, la idea generalizada que indica que un criollo nace de un pidgin es muy controversial.
Segun este criterio, el pidgin se usa para ciertas necesidades circunstanciales: intercambios comerciales, tratos esporadicos, etcetera; del uso circunstancial, puede pasar a ser el principal medio de comunicacion de una comunidad, al extenderse y consolidarse con el paso del tiempo o tras algunas generaciones de hablantes, y convertirse en lengua materna de una comunidad.
In addition to speaking Spanish, Luis claimed to have learned some Hawaiian, which he could still understand (most likely a pidginized form of the same) and Pidgin English (the intergroup mode of communication that was fashioned by the different nationalities or ethnicities on the plantations).
It's the first musical to be produced entirely in pidgin, a language spoken by millions throughout English-speaking West Africa.
Bea Freeman, of Pidgin Productions, said: "Magic was a passionate film-maker who won numerous awards including the award for best short documentary at the Asian Film Awards 1997 for his film Vilayat which traces the settlement of the first Indian families in Liverpool.
Pidgin has limitless ways to say exactly what we want to:
feeling that makes what can be spoken sound like pidgin,
Eventualmente, tanto la poblacion nativa de Africa Occidental y Asia que se concentraria alrededor de los fuertes comerciales como los esclavos enviados a America emplearon un pidgin de base portuguesa como interlengua (Whinnom 1965; Naro 1978; Perl 1989a, 1989b; Clements 1992).
The Black-E, Toxteth TV, Liverpool Film Office, Hurricane Films, BFI, Merseyside Acme, Adlib, NFN, FACT, Chris Bernard, Margi Clarke, Charlie Caselton, Yellowhouse Project, Furious Films, Souled Out Productions, Eek Productions, Ontega Productions, Barbara Kirby, Roger Appleton, Alfred Lewis and Michael Swerdlow, Charisma Productions, Sandi Hughes, Pidgin Productions, Stan Ambrose, Ste Webster, Gemma Burton and Hope University, James Pimblet at Citytalk, and all of the hardworking volunteers.
Like my father, she had little interest in learning except for the few pidgin phrases they needed to run their "Chinese hand laundry" in New York.
In his play No Sugar, Jack Davis (1917-2000), one of the foremost Aboriginal poets and playwrights, uses a pidgin from the Moore River Settlement to powerful poetic effect.