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William, British general practitioner, researcher in transmission of infections in isolated communities, 1885-1969. See: Pickles chart.
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Erickson still makes plenty of inventive pickles at her restaurants, which include oyster bar The Walrus and The Carpenter and wood oven-centered The Whale Wins.
Making pickles is one of the traditions in Turkish culture that not only has an impact in kitchens here but also shows how politics is done in the country.
Pickles have always been popular in the United States.
coli O157:H7 can survive for one month or longer at 4 C in brines typically used with commercial refrigerated pickles.
Labour last night seized on the huge spending presided over by Mr Pickles - who has spoken of his battle to reduce his expanding waistline.
He was an older relation to two actresses, says Frank - Carolyn Pickles, well known for many leading roles on the stage and TV in the UK, and Christina Pickles, who has worked mainly in America, starring in St Elsewhere and winning an Emmy for her role in Friends.
Within six weeks of the first meeting with Interstate Container, Patriot Pickle began shipping its pickles in Greencoat[R] wax-free boxes.
The ingredients for the pickles include fresh cucumbers, malted barley, whole hops, fresh dill, fresh onions, fresh Serrano pepper, fresh garlic, water, vinegar, salt, pure cane sugar, and spices.
But when we do we get pilloried by Pickles and his acolytes.
The mayor also said Mr Pickles, whose department has inflicted huge cuts on councils, was living in the "M25 bubble".
London, Mar 9( ANI ): UK Communities' Secretary Eric Pickles has said that immigrants face life as members of an unemployable 'sub-class' living in ghettoes unless they are taught to speak English 'like a native'.
SECRETARY of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles was challenged to visit the North-east by an opponent speaking at political event on Teesside.