Pick syndrome

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Pick dis·ease

progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy; a rare type of cerebrodegenerative disorder manifested primarily as dementia, in which there is striking atrophy of portions of the frontal and temporal lobes. Synonym(s): Pick syndrome
[F. Pick]
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Pick syndrome

(1) Pick disease (of the brain), see there.
(2) Pick disease of the liver, see there.
(3) Niemann-Pick disease, see there.
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Friedel, German physician, 1867-1926.
Pick atrophy - Synonym(s): Pick disease
Pick bodies - intracytoplasmic argentophilic inclusion bodies seen in neurons in Pick disease.
Pick disease - a rare type of cerebral degenerative disorder manifested primarily as dementia. Synonym(s): Pick atrophy; Pick syndrome; progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy
Pick syndrome - Synonym(s): Pick disease
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