Pick bodies

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Pick bod·ies

intracytoplasmic argentophilic neuronal inclusion bodies seen in Pick disease.
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Pick bod·ies

(pik bod'ēz)
Intracytoplasmic argentophilic neuronal inclusion bodies seen in Pick disease.
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Friedel, German physician, 1867-1926.
Pick atrophy - Synonym(s): Pick disease
Pick bodies - intracytoplasmic argentophilic inclusion bodies seen in neurons in Pick disease.
Pick disease - a rare type of cerebral degenerative disorder manifested primarily as dementia. Synonym(s): Pick atrophy; Pick syndrome; progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy
Pick syndrome - Synonym(s): Pick disease
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He said the PPP was not allowed to pick bodies of the activists after they were killed.
Typical neuropathologic findings are Pick bodies, which are neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions that stain slightly basophilic on routine hematoxylin-eosin staining and are strongly argyrophilic after Bielschowsky or Bodian silver staining but do not stain with Gallyas silver stain.
These corticobasal bodies can be stained with Gallyas, are tau-4R immunoreactive, and are found mostly in the frontal and parietal cortex, in contrast to Pick bodies in Pick disease.
"We didn't want to pick bodies out of that bay," Furno says.
Microscopic examination of H&E sections revealed numerous round, discrete, bluegray cytoplasmic inclusions in the hippocampal dentate gyrus approximately the size of dentate gyrus neuronal nuclei, compatible with Pick bodies (Figure 10, B).