Pick bodies

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Pick bod·ies

intracytoplasmic argentophilic neuronal inclusion bodies seen in Pick disease.

Pick bod·ies

(pik bod'ēz)
Intracytoplasmic argentophilic neuronal inclusion bodies seen in Pick disease.


Friedel, German physician, 1867-1926.
Pick atrophy - Synonym(s): Pick disease
Pick bodies - intracytoplasmic argentophilic inclusion bodies seen in neurons in Pick disease.
Pick disease - a rare type of cerebral degenerative disorder manifested primarily as dementia. Synonym(s): Pick atrophy; Pick syndrome; progressive circumscribed cerebral atrophy
Pick syndrome - Synonym(s): Pick disease
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Microscopic examination of H&E sections revealed numerous round, discrete, bluegray cytoplasmic inclusions in the hippocampal dentate gyrus approximately the size of dentate gyrus neuronal nuclei, compatible with Pick bodies (Figure 10, B).
We didn't want to pick bodies out of that bay," Furno says.
Pathologic findings in neurodegenerative disorders Important Useful pathologic immunohistochemical Disorder findings stains Alzheimer disease Senile plaques and Ass protein, tau, neurofibrillary ubiquitin tangles Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD): Pick disease Pick bodies Tau FTLD with TDP43 Motor neuron TDP43, ubiquitin and ubiquitin disease inclusions inclusions FTLD with parkinsonism Neurofibrillary Tau, ubiquitin linked to tangles chromosome 17-tau Corticobasal Ballooned neurons, Tau degeneration tufted astrocytes, coiled bodies Progressive Globose Tau, ubiquitin supranuclear neurofibrillary palsy tangles Dementia with Cortical Lewy [alpha]- Lewy bodies bodies synuclein, ubiquitin Table 2.