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Piaget, Jean

[zhän pē·äzhā′]
(1896-1980), a Swiss psychologist and genetic epistemologist who established the Genevan school of developmental psychology. From his original training in zoology and his early work in testing schoolchildren in the laboratory, Piaget developed a premise that human intelligence is an extension of biological adaptation. He assumed that human intelligence evolves in a series of stages that are related to age. At each successive stage, intellectual adaptation is more general and shows a higher level of logical organization.
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Piaget International Brand ambassador Jessica Chastain said, 'Nothing is better than receiving roses, maybe jewellery'.
Piaget described the development of children's cognitive ability in four operational stages.
La metodologia que se utiliza en el enfoque presentado en este trabajo es de caracter dialectico y se basa en los postulados y principios de la epistemologia genetica de Piaget (1970a).
On the other hand, Piaget, (1972/1980; 1964/1981; 1975/2012) analyzes the process of equilibration of the cognitive structures in the human being.
The process of making everything tiny is tricky, and Piaget takes it very seriously.
Because of Piaget, teachers now strive to convey the right concept at the right time in a student's development.
Piaget proposed that there is a qualitative change in kids during these four stages.
If reading Sabatier's work confirms Piaget in his religious beliefs, thus enabling him to overcome an early crisis sparked by the dogmatism of catechumenal teaching, his acquaintance with Bergson's metaphysical works, in 1912, causes a true <<emotional clash>>, proving the possibility of a pantheistic identification between <<God and life itself>>.
A definicao de construcao de Piaget diz respeito, portanto, as estruturas biologicas (possibilidades neuronais da mente) que permitem que os significados emirjam da experiencia e sejam moldados na dinamica das interacoes.
Peonies and the blowsy Piaget and David Austin roses frequently make up the European-style arrangements that are La Jolie Fleur's signature.
Brand Director Jean Marc Shammas said, " After the Piaget Dragon & Phoenix collections in 2011, the metiers d'art got stronger and we decided to search for more exotic themes for this range.
Regis polo team against Audi and Piaget teams on December 19th and 20th at the snow-packed Wagner Park, across from The St.