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Whilst treatment by a phytotherapist is covered by medical aid it can be that some patients do not have medical aid or cannot afford the treatment.
Gaynor stresses the fact that phytotherapists are trained to identify the underlying cause of a disease and will thus treat each person very specifically and not simply dispense herbal remedies in response to a condition with specific symptoms.
And she's not exactly sure what a phytotherapist is.
These shortcomings present a challenge for phytochemists, pharmacognosists, biochemists, phytopharmacologists and phytotherapists to make phytomedicine more rational and acceptable for therapy and ultimately, legislative acceptance.
It is therefore necessary for phytotherapists and other clinicians to have some knowledge of this subject and to appraise the evidence of possible usefulness of various herbal medicines should such a situation emerge in the near future.
Dandelion is commonly prescribed by phytotherapists for choleretic, cholagogue, laxative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic and hypoglycemic (Turkey and Mexico) activity.