Physocephalus sexalatus

Phy·so·ceph·a·lus sex·a·la·tus

(fī'sō-sef'ă-lŭs sek'să-lā'tŭs),
A small species of spiruroid nematodes (family Spiruridae) found in the stomach of pigs, horses, camels, rabbits, and hares; worldwide in distribution, and especially prevalent in hogs.
[G. physa, bellows, + kephalē, head]


a spirurid nematode in the family Spirocercidae. Causes gastritis manifested by anorexia, increased thirst, loss of weight and rarely death.

Physocephalus cristatus
found in the dromedary.
Physocephalus sexalatus
found in the stomach of the pig.
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