Physocephalus sexalatus

Phy·so·ceph·a·lus sex·a·la·tus

(fī'sō-sef'ă-lŭs sek'să-lā'tŭs),
A small species of spiruroid nematodes (family Spiruridae) found in the stomach of pigs, horses, camels, rabbits, and hares; worldwide in distribution, and especially prevalent in hogs.
[G. physa, bellows, + kephalē, head]
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(2001) on necropsy examination observed Taenia hydatigena cysticercus (19%), Ascarops strongylina (89%), Physocephalus sexalatus (6%), A.
Physocephalus sexalatus (Molin, 1860) Diesing, 1861.
(N) Sus scrofa Ascaris suum (N) Globocephalus urosubulatus (N) Metastrongylus elongatus (N) Physocephalus sexalatus (N) Stephanurus dentatus (N) Taenia solium (C) Trichuris suis (N) Sylvilagus brasiliensis Anoplocephaloides floresbarroetae * (C) Tonatia silvicola Oligacanthorhynchidae gen.