Physician Assisted Suicide

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A term referring to any form of facilitation by a doctor of the dying process in which a patient with a terminal illness is provided with passive, or, less commonly, active assistance in in ending his/her life
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Canon Eric Beresford, who wrote the Care of Dying report for the Anglican church, said that anyone who thinks [the church] is in favour of physician-assisted dying has "completely misread" the report.
The bill also would have been more restrictive regarding access to medical assistance in dying than what was recommended by the provincial-territorial expert advisory group on physician-assisted dying and the special joint committee of the House and Senate on physician-assisted dying.
the debate over physician-assisted dying (PAD) is at a "turning point," writes Zosia Chustecka.
On February 25, 2016, the Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying presented its report, entitled Medical Assisted Dying: A Patient-Centered Approach, to the House.
Of the nurses (98 per cent were NZNO members), 67 per cent agreed that physician-assisted dying (PAD) should be legalised in New Zealand.
Even the protected interest of life itself was negatively impacted by the prohibition on physician-assisted dying.
As a group, we discussed several issues, including violence against Indigenous women and girls, reconciliation, physician-assisted dying, countering radicalization, cyber security, and financing and innovating the justice system.
She honed in on the very shaky unpinning of Caplan's argument in "More States Approve Physician-Assisted Dying.
While much has been said, and rightfully so, of the patient's right to dignity and the entwining of this right with the right to autonomy as entrenched in the Constitution of South Africa [2] with regard to physician-assisted dying, other core matters like the need for advocating for quality palliative care and the importance of taking the social context in the country into account require equal consideration too, if we are to have an evenly balanced debate.
Physician-assisted dying has become legal in California under a bill signed into law on Oct.
The developments are the latest in a renewed debate about the legality and ethics of physician-assisted dying.

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