Physician Assisted Suicide

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A term referring to any form of facilitation by a doctor of the dying process in which a patient with a terminal illness is provided with passive, or, less commonly, active assistance in in ending his/her life
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Indeed, the philosophical sections finesse vital ethical questions about physician assistance in suicide, and on many issues, there is no clear connection between the philosophic overview and the recommended practices.
Plainly, no right to physician assistance in suicide is enumerated in the Constitution, so the first question for the appellate panel was whether the liberty guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment, as elaborated by the United States Supreme Court, encompasses such a right.
Each of the fifty hospice programs holds membership in the Oregon Hospice Association (OHA), which has engaged in substantial discussion on the role of hospice with respect to physician assistance in suicide.
During the 1991 Oregon legislative session, the Hemlock Society introduced a bill supported by several prominent state senators to legalize physician aid-in-dying, which included physician assistance in suicide and voluntary euthanasia.
It was unclear to many what might and should happen if any member of the caregiving team disagreed with a patient's request for physician assistance in suicide.
If patient requests for physician assistance in suicide became legal, should hospices choose not to care for patients who exercise their legal right?
It became clear early in the deliberations of the task force that there was not unanimity among individual hospices in the state of Oregon on legalized physician assistance in suicide.
In contrast, an opinion handed down the next day by the Chief United States District Judge for the Western District of Washington faced the issue of physician assistance in suicide head on.
Equally unpersuasive is the court's argument that Cruzan's recognition of a competent adult's right to refuse all forms of life-sustaining treatment generates a right for physician assistance in suicide on equal protection grounds.

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