Physician's Desk Reference

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Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)

a compendium compiled annually, containing information supplied by their manufacturers about drugs, primarily prescription drugs and products used in diagnostic procedures in the United States.

Physician's Desk Reference

PDR, see there.

Physician's Desk Reference (PDR),

n an informational, scientifically validated resource that provides information relating to indications, chemical formulations, actions and potential hazards associated with most medicinal remedies currently being used. In addition to conventional medicinal remedies, a PDR related to herbal remedies is also available.
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Physician's Desk Reference Physicians Sports & Leisure Activities: Survey resondents/PDR purchasers.
Physicians use the Vademecum Daimon, which is produced by the drug companies and is the equivalent of the Physician's Desk Reference used in the United States.
People are buying the Physician's Desk Reference like crazy.
Even popular packages, such as the Physician's Desk Reference and the Berlitz Interpreter, have been formatted especially for some palmtops.
Thus it's not surprising the Cortex report contains material more appropriate in a Physician's Desk Reference, including a photomicrograph showing "brain slices from a rat subjected to a 10-minute simulated stroke.
Hanley adds that before 1950 a number of such products were referenced in the Physician's Desk Reference, which is considered an authority by the clinician community.
Physician's Desk Reference Drug Interactions (reviewed in J Faro Pract 1996; 43:403-5) used to be a reasonable, literature-based program, but it recently reverted to the official product information format.
It has become such a recognized part of medicine that the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) is publishing its first edition of PDR for Herbal Medicines (see Book Review page 16).
The Physician's Desk Reference recommends every 6 hours dosing unless there is evidence of renal failure.
com/healthcare, and include Thomson American Health Consultants, an innovator of medical education programs and the largest publisher of health care newsletters in the world; Gardiner Caldwell, one of the world's largest medical communication agencies; Physicians World, a leader in advanced medical education programs for over 30 years; MICROMEDEX, the foremost provider of trusted medical information, enabling clinicians to access answers and alerts to prevent adverse events and promote best clinical practices; and PDR, The Physician's Desk Reference, the drug information standard for 57 years that annually reaches 500,000 practicing physicians across the United States.
Other sources courts rely on for direction in negligence cases are drug companies' warnings and the Physician's Desk Reference manual.
The Skinny Pill contains a mix of minerals, vitamins and herbs, including the herbal diuretic uva ursi, which the Physician's Desk Reference says should not be given to children under 12.

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