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Biblical character in the Old Testament who suffered from skin and bowel disease, from which he recovered.
Job syndrome - Synonym(s): Buckley syndrome
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Nursing is a physical job, especially for AiNs and ENs, but it is difficult to give them suitable duties, compared to specialist nurses who are easier to return to work.
According to Brian Lane, VP Vertical Practices at 6Connex, "The combination of easy access to content, an intuitive process akin to a physical job summit, and the video interviewing tools included makes the 6Connex virtual environment the perfect forum for busy professionals.
The virtual booths, like physical job fairs, are branded with the exhibitor's name and logo and provide visitors access to a range of information about that particular company.
Participating in the online technology job fair minimised the hassle, time, and resource requirements associated with event management at a physical job fair, allowing for cost savings of up to 50% and maximising an organisation's human resources return on investment.
All-weather surfaces, modern feeds and radical veterinary advances mean horses are fitter than ever, but they are working animals who have to be prepared to do a hard physical job calling for maximum exertion.
The innovative VJF will have all the ingredients of physical job fair, the only difference being it would be online with features such as animated branded 3D Aovirtual boothsAo for participating exhibitors to sport their names and logos; in addition to providing access to a range of information about the company, their corporate culture, the companyAAEs business activities and recruitment practices
The virtual booths, like physical job fairs, were branded with the exhi-bitors' names and logos and pro-vided access to a range of information about each company.
MicroScribe digitisers improve the speed and accuracy with which the users collect physical job data, allowing them to more quickly model parts and make precise alignments.
Farming's a tough, physical job, and at 60 he isn't a kid anymore.
It is a tough physical job and is not mechanized at all.
Amongst all physical job capabilities, a nurse is a friend, a mother, a teacher, an advocate, and above all, a leader.

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