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10GE OTN PHYs: VSC8492/VSC8494 Dual/Quad Universal or 10GbE PHYs
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The new PHYs enable consistent cable quality monitoring for easy maintenance, and support easy repair during the maintenance cycle.
WiMedia will maintain a comprehensive list of registered PHYs and certified platforms for review by members and implementers to determine which PHYs are compliant and which platforms are certified to coexist.
The release of the new PHYs firmly establishes our leadership in Mixed- Signal IP and in complete solutions for PCIe, SATA and XAUI.
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The RTMI-150 MAC acting as a device controller based on Certified Wireless USB was tested in several transmit and receive configurations with Intel's PDK, Intel's emulated PHY and other third party PHYs, which were provided by Intel.
SMSC's USB3280 USB PHY is a key ingredient to the Monahans Platform family and targets handset designers wishing to integrate high-speed USB within a very small footprint," said Mark Casey, General Manager of Intel's Applications Processor Business Unit.
With the addition of the LAN8700 and LAN8700i, SMSC's family of 10/100 Ethernet PHYs has been expanded to support customer products that require a smaller footprint and lower power solution without compromising on features.