phyllodes tumor

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phyl·lodes tu·mor

a spectrum of neoplasms consisting of a mixture of benign epithelium and stroma with variable cellularity and cytologic abnormalities, ranging from benign phyllodes tumor to cytosarcoma phyllodes; most often involves the breast.
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For masses of large size on radiological examination, a misleading preliminary diagnosis of phyllodes tumour was established.
In the group with unilateral disease, the diagnosis was giant fibroadenoma in 16, benign phyllodes tumour in 3, malignant phyllodes tumour in 1, fibrocystic disease in 1 and hamartoma in 2 patients.
Distinction between fibroadenoma and phyllodes tumour is challenging on core needle biopsy13,14.
[2] These include all non-malignant conditions like fibroadenoma, fibrocystic disease, mastalgia, mammary duct ectasia, sclerosing adenosis, lactational adenoma, benign phyllodes tumour, intraductal papilloma, fibrous disease, blunt duct adenosis, calcification, breast abscess, lactational mastitis, puerperal mastitis, granulomatous lobular mastitis, fat necrosis, tuberculous mastitis, galactocele, gynaecomastia and lipoma.
The differential diagnosis based on mammography would include cyst, fibroadenoma, phyllodes tumour and, rarely circumscribed carcinoma.
The differential diagnosis of JHB includes giant fibroadenomas, phyllodes tumour, and malignant tumour such as lymphoma and sarcomas.
Among 15 cases of benign breast lesions, 7(46%) patients had fibroadenoma, 5(33%) had fibrocystic changes and 1(7%) case each had fat necrosis, duct ectasia and benign phyllodes tumour.
The 57-year-old Labour MSP for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn was 49 when she was diagnosed with a phyllodes tumour, a rare form of breast cancer.
Tamsen, "Mammary fibroadenoma and some phyllodes tumour stroma are composed of CD34+ fibroblasts and factor XIIIa+ dendrophages," Histopathology, vol.
Optimising preoperative diagnosis in phyllodes tumour of the breast.
Multidisciplinary treatment including systemic chemotherapy for a malignant phyllodes tumour of the prostate
Malignant phyllodes tumour in the present study comprised 2% of all malignant tumours of breast whereas in the study of Moffat CJC et al.