Phyllanthus amarus

Phyllanthus amarus,

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Br West African locust bean, Dadawa tree 2177601 Phyllanthus amarus Black catnip, Schumach & Thonn Phyllanthus, amarus plant 8693 Phyllanthus muellerianus Myrobalan Kuntze 2177703 Premna lucens A.
Table 2 TOP 10 AYURVEDIC HERBS IN INDIA Chyawanprash (immune system support) Triphala (laxative) Ashwagandha (stress, fatigue) Hingwastak (anti-flatulent) Lavan Bhaskar (promote proper digestion) Sitopladi (smooth respiration, dry cough, inflamed breathing passage) Shilajit (rejuvenation, antioxidant, source of cell protecting fulvic acids) Phyllanthus amarus (liver cleansing)/Picrorrhiza Kurroa (liver protection) Guggul (reduce bad cholestreol) Boswellia (joint conditions)
PartySmart is a polyherbal formulation containing extracts of Phoenix dactylifera, Cichorium intybus, Andrographis paniculata, Vitis vinifera, Phyllanthus amarus and Emblica officinalis.
Preparation of PartySmart: PartySmart contains dried aqueous extracts of Phoenix dactylifera (fruit : 188 mg), Cichorium intybus (seeds : 188 mg), Andrographis paniculata (aerial part : 188 mg), Vitis vinifera (fruit : 188 mg), Phyllanthus amarus (aerial part : 124 mg), and Emblica officinalis (fruit : 124 mg).
For example, Phyllanthus amarus and related species are Chinese medicinal plants that contain geraniin, corilagin and furosin with remarkable pharmacological activities (Agyare et al.
Chemoprotective activity of an extract of Phyllanthus amarus against cyclophosphamide induced toxicity in mice.
Phyllanthus amarus has anti-inflammatory potential by inhibition of iNOS, COX-2, and cytokines via the NF-kB pathway.
In search of the effective and standardized hepatoprotective combination therapy, silymarin and standardized extract of Phyllanthus amarus has been evaluated against [CCl.
Jeena KJ, Joy KL, Kuttan R (1999) Effect of Emblica officinalis, Phyllanthus amarus and Picrorrhiza kurroa on N-nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatocarcinogenesis.
This study aimed to examine the antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic potential of Phyllanthus amarus Schum.