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Any of several stable, light-fast, blue or green organic pigments used in enamels and plastics.
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Aqueous dispersion of 50 ml volume containing diluted solution (4 x [10.sup.-7] mol [L.sup.-1]) of phthalocyanine dye 3 and 5 mg of Ti[O.sub.2] was sonicated for 5 minutes.
Polyethylene oxide [PEO.sub.10,000] was added to reduce the aggregation of the phthalocyanine dye and consequently enhance their absorption in aqueous medium (Ng 2003).
Although azo dyes represent about 60% of all reactive dyes used by the textile industry, other classes of reactive dyes, namely anthraquinone and phthalocyanine dyes, are also extensively used either as primary or secondary dyes in commercial trichromatic dyeing formulations [6, 7].