phrygian cap

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phryg·i·an cap

in cholecystography, an incomplete septum or a fold in the gallbladder, the shape of which suggests the liberty cap of the French Revolution.
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This simplifying of men's hats culminated with the French Revolution, which brought the return of the original people's hat: the old Phrygian cap. Given its revolutionary symbolism, the Phrygian cap might be called a winter hat that became a playhat, a hat with significance.
Having no attributes of its own, an image of the Republic was composed using elements drawn from various other symbolic figures, most notably the Roman personification of freedom, Libertas, who was adorned with the soft, cone-shaped Phrygian cap traditionally worn by emancipated slaves in ancient Rome.
In a standard pictorial antithesis from the revolutionary period, Jean-Baptiste Regnault's La Liberte ou la mort (1795) contrasted light, progress, education, science and the rule of law, all symbolized by a female allegory with a Phrygian cap, egalitarian triangle-cum-spirit-level and lictors' rods (fasces), and the skeletal grim reaper (Legrand, 1989: 27).
It will be rather like a cream-coloured Phrygian cap without the floppy bit at the top.
The seal's motto, "Archives de la Republique francaise", framed a woman dressed in an antique robe, with fasces in her left hand and "holding, in her right hand, a pike topped with a Phrygian cap, the bonnet of liberty".(3) Medals and coins, made from the molten remains of royal medallions, were struck within days.
One of the figures in the group wears a Phrygian cap, which was the symbol of Turkey.
When a slave was manumitted by the Romans, a small Phrygian cap, usually of red felt, called pile us , was placed on his head; he was termed libertinus ( " freeman " ), and his name was registered in the city tribes.
The polished white-metal of the tinned bronze face (the eyes are open-work) would have shone out in dramatic contrast to the original golden bronze of the corkscrew curls and Phrygian cap, and colourful streamers may well have been affixed to the rings along the back ridge and to the apparently unique solid-cast griffin crest at the top of the cap.
The obverse depicts the head of Marianne wearing a Phrygian cap wreathed with oak leaves.
Although his name differs by an s from the Persian champion, his conical Phrygian cap advertises his Oriental origin.
The ornate pommel is of Phrygian cap form, made in two parts riveted together at the top.