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, Ψrd
1. Upper case psi, the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. Symbol for pseudouridine; psychology.


1. The 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet (ψ).
2. (ψ) Symbol for pseudouridine; pseudo-; wave function; the dihedral angle of rotation about the C1-Cα bond associated with a peptide bond.
3. Pounds per square inch.


pulmonary stenosis.


abbreviation for picosecond.


Abbreviation for:
pain score 
pap smear
papillary serous
paraffin section
paradoxical sleep
partial saturation
partial seizure
passive smoking
pathological stage
patient survey, see there 
peak systolic
per second
performance score
performance status
personal service personality scale
Pharmaceutical Services  
phosphatidyl serine
physical status
physiologic saline
pituitary stalk
plastic surgery
population spike
postmaturity syndrome
presenting symptom
pressure sore
pressure support
primitive streak
prognostic score
protamine sulphate
protein S
psychogenic seizure
pubertal stage
pulmonary sarcoidosis
pulmonary stenosis
pulmonary surfactant
pyloric sphincter
pyloric stenosis
pyriform sinus


the three Ps Endocrinology The association of pituitary adenoma, pancreatic neoplasia and parathyroid adenoma in multiple endocrine neoplasm, type I. See MEN 1 STD Permissiveness, promiscuity, ' pill'–3 factors associated with ↑rates of STDs in the 1960s.
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