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A small fragment resulting from breakage, cutting, or avulsion.


Etymology: AS, kippen, to slice
1 n, a relatively small piece of a bone or tooth.
2 v, to break off or cut away a small piece.
3 n, a semiconductor in which an integrated circuit is embedded.


Patient discussion about chip

Q. What does it means when you eat more junk (like chocalate and hot chips) than you do food? Is that good or bad chocolate hot chips pickles olives cheetos pops juice hot chips again hot chips again

A. Pickles and olives are not that junk, although they may contain high amounts of salt (sodium) that may exacerbate hypertension. Regarding the rest of the foods you listed, well, they aren't the best thing to eat- a lot of calories and fat, without satisfying your appetite.

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Photomask market in EMEA: The photomask market in EMEA is anticipated to experience substantial growth during the forecast period owing to the growing proliferation of the semiconductor industry in EMEA, especially in Germany.
Nasdaq:DPMI) and Ion Systems have announced that Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) successfully utilized the new Canary ESD Service developed by the two companies to qualify and mitigate electrostatic discharge (ESD) events on photomasks at its Fab 25 facility in Austin.