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A device in a spectrophotometer that responds to photons in a manner usually proportional to the number of photons striking its light-sensitive surface.
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As applications for photodetectors get more varied and complex, there is a need for our customers to design in components with tight specifications," said David Stein, VP, Global Semiconductors at Digi-Key.
The automotive industry has been equipped with photodetectors for control of headlamps, back lights, dashboard lights, anti-glare mirrors, and windshield wipers.
The photodetectors (PD) of the sensor unit are placed on the aircraft in accordance with Fig.
Another advantage is that infrared photodetectors made from these superlattice materials don't need as much cooling.
The low-power 818 series photodetectors are made with highest quality semiconductor materials, including silicon, UV-enhanced silicon, germanium, and indium gallium arsenide.
Rogers' team has shown that by depositing coiled interconnecting metal wires onto the plastic, they can create a mesh-like array of LEDs and photodetectors that can withstand extreme mechanical deformation.
Thus many of these tiny communication devices could potentially be powered by just a small AA-size battery, while traditional avalanche photodetectors require 20-30V power supplies.
Some researchers have made prototype photodetectors and solar cells from quantum dots.
The system, which works equally well with strings of other alloys and composites, employs a proprietary transducer that uses an infrared emitter and an array of photodetectors for each string.
NIST researchers, in collaboration with colleagues from private industry, and the University of Minnesota, recently have measured the deep ultraviolet (DUV) responsivity of GaN and AlGaN photodiodes for use as solar-blind photodetectors.
Tenders are invited for supply of photodetectors: silicon photodetector, extended inga s photodetector
High-operating-temperature infrared photodetectors.