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an abnormal state of the skin in which light is an important causative factor.
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Since the start of the project in 2015, 1,575 patients have been treated in remote areas for the following dermatological conditions, including photodermatosis, eczema, lichen, scabies, fungal infection, vitiligo, and leprosy.
Ultraviolet A radiation-induced biological effects in human skin: Relevance for photoaging and photodermatosis. J Dermatol Sci 1, S22-26.
Oxidative stress has a major effect in the process of photoaging and photocarcinogenesis and also in the pathogenesis of photodermatosis. (13)
Herein we describe a case and dermoscopic findings of an unusual photodermatosis with lichenoid pathology and necrotic keratinocytes that was diagnosed by clinical features, dermoscopic findings, and histopathological findings.
Patients were not included in the study if they had been pregnant, were breastfeeding, had any genodermatoses which may interfere with aging skin changes, showed premature aging, were using other concomitant treatments, had connective tissue disorders, were previously treated with oral retinoids in the six months prior to the study, used superficial chemical peels or microdermabrasion in the three months prior to the study, received medium or deep chemical peels or laser ablation within six months of the study, met the criteria for alcohol addiction, had infectious or inflammatory facial dermatoses, had photodermatosis, and did not need to avoid sun exposure.
Hidroa vacciniforme is a rare chronic photodermatosis with unknown cause in which lesions appear with exposure to sun.
The common symptoms of HCP are unexplained abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, neurovisceral symptoms, and erosive photodermatosis. Neurovisceral manifestations in HCP are not distinguishable from those observed in AIP and VP.
Hydroa vacciniforme is a rare idiopathic photodermatosis of childhood characterized by recurrent crops of vesicles over face and other exposed parts, which heals with varioliform scarring.
Sunlight (UVR) exposure results in many biophysiological changes that result in several types of photodermatosis (Table 3).
Maxine Moody, 37, who suffers from a rare condition called idiopathic photodermatosis, stays indoors and covers her entire body in clothing to avoid the sun's dangerous UV rays.
UV radiation can lead to acute and chronic reactions and damage such as acceleration of skin aging, sunburn (erythema), DNA damage and photodermatosis. (1,2)
AR is a rare idiopathic photodermatosis that should be con-sidered in patients with a clinical pattern of eczema in photo-ex-posed areas and in cases of erythroderma with unknown etiology.