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A device in a spectrophotometer that responds to photons in a manner usually proportional to the number of photons striking its light-sensitive surface.
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This method is based on the mechanism in which a charged surface of photoconductor (amorphous selenium) partially dissipates the charge by exposure of X-ray to form an electrostatic latent image that becomes visible by xerographic processing.
Photoconductor chemical composition defines the source wavelength.
The increase of pigment particles portion in liquid toner requires the increase of electric conductivity of ElectroInk, which directly depends on the quality of the ink adherence on photoconductor. Excessive fraction of this substances results in thicker ink layers and enhanced dot gain, which is predominantly observable for higher tone values.
The image is a composite of three observations taken at 70, 100 and 160 microns, taken by Herschel's Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer (PACS) on June 14 and 15, immediately after the satellite's cryocover was opened on June 14.
will start producing core components for copiers such as paper feed rollers and photoconductors in Shanghai in June, a Japanese business daily reported Saturday.
SynTec was founded in 1992 and is a leading provider of electrophotography chemicals and dyes that act as photoconductors in laser printers and copiers.
They also become photoconductors when mixed with certain polymers.