Photobacterium phosphoreum

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Pho·to·bac·te·ri·um phos·pho·'re·um

a luminescent species found on dead fish and in sea water; it is the type species of the genus Photobacterium.
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Other studies found the histamine decarboxylase enzyme in some species of bacteria: Vibrio harveyii, Vibrio alginolyticus, Photobacterium phosphoreum and leiognathi spp which are all indigenous to the marine environment.
Photobacterium phosphoreum Toxicity Data Index, Water Pollution Research Journal of Canada 26(3): 361-431.
Specific spoilage bacteria Spoilage compounds Shewanella putrifaciens TMA, H2S, CH3SH, (CH3)2S, HX Photobacterium phosphoreum TMA, HX Pseudomonas spp.
[15.] Shadrin IA (2004) Protistoplankton and test objects Paramecium caudatum (Ehrenberg, 1833), and Photobacterium phosphoreum (Cohn, 1878) in assessment of the quality of water in reservoirs of the Yenisei River, abstract from thesis of Candidate of Biological Sciences, Samara State University, Samara, p.
(1987) revealed that 5 mg [L.sup.-1] or lower Se might antagonize As absorption, whereas 10 mg [L.sup.-1] Se could synergize As absorption on Photobacterium Phosphoreum T3 [33].
The mixture toxicities of two aniline compounds to Photobacterium phosphoreum could be principally described by the simple summing of the two-component toxicities [25].
Microtoxicity is expressed as [EC.sub.50] (5 min, 15[degrees]C), which was defined as the effective concentration of solution for a 50% reduction of the luminescence of the bacterium Photobacterium phosphoreum. A lower [EC.sub.50] value indicates a higher amount of toxic constituent presented in the pollutant solution.
(2002b) reportaron 522 descargas municipales e industriales en Estado de Puebla, que en su mayoria cumplio con los parametros de la NOM-001-ECOL-1996 y resaltaron la importancia de incluir en la norma las pruebas de toxicidad con Photobacterium phosphoreum para evaluar sustancias toxicas no detectadas por los analisis convencionales.
Also, altogether two different photobacterial strains: Vibrio fischeri NRRL-B 11177 (strain used in Microtox test by Azur Environmental, USA as well as in VF1500 and BioTox[TM] preparation by ThermoLabsystems, Finland) and Photobacterium phosphoreum strain FEI 162095 (registered in the Finnish Environment Institute) were applied.
(1986), or as Photobacterium phosphoreum according to that of Alsina and Blanch (1994a).
These are primarily related to toxicity toward the four aquatic species Poecilia reticulata, Daphnia magma, Chlorella pyrenoidina, and Photobacterium phosphoreum.
In our previous study, we found that La was biologically toxic in aqueous solution and in soil, and there was a significant negative correlation between the relative luminosity of Photobacterium phosphoreum [T.sub.3] and the concentration of La, suggesting that the excessive exogenous La in soil may produce a harmful effect on the soil microbial community (Chu et al.