phosphorylase kinase

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phos·phor·y·lase ki·nase

an enzyme that uses ATP to phosphorylate phosphorylase b and thus reform phosphorylase a, the active form of phosphorylase; the active form of phosphorylase kinase is itself a phosphorylated protein; on dephosphorylation of phosphorylase kinase, the enzyme is inactivated; it can be rephosphorylated with a cAMP-dependent protein kinase; phosphorylase kinase is deficient in certain types of glycogen storage disease.
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Phosphorylase kinase is the key enzyme in glycogen metabolism; if this enzyme is inhibited then autocrine effect as cell growth factor is also inhibited, which affects the cell proliferation disturbance.
Curcumin is a non-competitive and selective inhibitor of phosphorylase kinase. FEBS Lett.