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A salt of phosphorous acid.
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In response, in one example, Addivant announced this year that its Weston[R] 705 liquid antioxidant, a nonylphenol-free phosphite additive, received food-contact approval from the U.
Liquid phosphite antioxidant gets FDA clearance for food contact / Increases processing productivity and colour protection.
Phosphites include Naugard P and Wytox 312 general-purpose secondary antioxidants; Naugard 524 high-performance solid phosphite; and Naugard 492 phenolic/phosphite blend.
Some formulations of phosphites can reduce the pH of a solution, thereby improving the efficiency of some herbicides (LOVATT; MIKKELSEN, 2006) and improving plant defences (ORBOVI et al.
Today, anthropogenic influences such as steel corrosion, provide the primary source of phosphites in the environment, but prior to anthropogenic input, Pasek and Block believe lightning would have been the main source, producing up to 3000 kilograms of phosphites per year.
The project also expects to demonstrate the effectiveness of phosphite treatments in tackling Phytophthora pathogens and improving the health of forests.
The synergism of phosphites and thioethers in combination with phenolic antioxidants is well known in the literature.
Aryl phosphites are used extensively as stabilizers in the melt processing of polyolefins.
The principal chemical classes of antioxidants covered in the report are amines, hindered phenols, phosphites, thioesters and various natural or 'natural-based' compounds.
Based at temporary headquarters in Middlebury, Addivant is the largest producer of liquid phosphites (sold under the Weston brand), specialty antioxidants, and additives in non-dusting forms, such as its Anox NDB (No Dust Blend) stabilizer blends.
All four major classes of antioxidants, including phenols, amines, phosphites and thioesters, are available in powder, granular and liquid physical forms.
He clarified the mechanism of action of phosphites in PVC stabilization and the change in mechanism when phosphites are used in combination with zinc salts.