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A salt of phosphorous acid.
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Not only are phosphites non-discoloring, but they are color stabilizing, in that they inhibit the formation of the discoloring quinoidal structures of phenolic antioxidants.
This feature is achieved in both products by replacing solvents with different combinations of organic phosphites and low-fogging plasticizers.
The company has just completed expansions to the world's largest phosphite manufacturing facility, in Morgantown, W.
Phenolic antioxidants for heat stability, phosphite processing stabilizers, and hindered amine light stabilizers are among the additive materials being researched.
Trialkyl and dialkyl hydrogen phosphites are heat, light and color stabilizers in polymers.
Both are synergistic with sulfur- and phosphorus-based secondary antioxidants and offered as blends with phosphites.
The new products, which will be highlighted at the K 2007 show in Dusseldorf this fall, include Songnox 1290 primary phenolic antioxidant and Songnox 6280 high-performance, hydrolytically stable phosphite.
New Irganox XP processing stabilizers are combinations of the new lactone processing stabilizer, high-performance phosphites and phenolic antioxidant.
These types of stabilization systems are usually based on a combination of powerful melt-processing stabilizers, such as phosphites, hydroxylamines, tocopherols, or blends of these chemistries, in combination with hindered amines--which provide not only excellent UV stability, but also good long-term thermal stability.
Songnox[R] CS is the company's diversified offering of antioxidants, which ranges from primary phenolics to secondary thioethers and phosphites.
Phosphites act systemically and may be sprayed on leaves, on the soil, or even injected into the trunks (SCOTT et al.
Several products are registered for the control of Oomycetes, however some authors also recommend phosphites (JACKSON et al.