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(fō-rē'sis), Do not confuse this word with pheresis.
1. Synonym(s): electrophoresis
2. A biologic association in which one organism is transported by another, as in the attachment of the eggs of Dermatobia hominis, a human and cattle botfly, to the legs of a mosquito, which transports them to the human, cattle, or other host in which the botfly larvae can develop. Synonym(s): epizoic commensalism, phoresy
[G. phorēsis, a being borne]


An association between two species in which one transports the other, for example when a mite attaches to a beetle and is carried to a new food source.

pho·ret′ic (fə-rĕt′ĭk) adj.
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However, flies do not come alone; some of them will get to carrion with lots of phoretic mites attached to them (Perotti et al.
However, the combination of the wide distribution range of the species and its presence under tree bark, in tree hollows and nests; i.e., the habitat typical for phoretic species, suggests that C.
Observations on the phoretic Mites (Acari) Associated with Scarabaeidae (Col.) in Turkey.
Phoretic behaviour of bromeliad annelids (Dero) and ostracods (Elpidium) using frogs and lizards as dispersal vectors.
For practical reasons it was not possible to examine the interior of fissures, or undertake trapping of bats to ascertain whether the flies are phoretic as adults, a possibility that appears unlikely given that Mormotomyia lacks the modified tarsal claws apparent in fly families known to be phoretic or ectoparasitic on bats (Kirk-Spriggs et al.
Name of Gscore Lipophilic Hbond Electro- ligand EvdW phoretic 1 result_037 -9.79 -5.29 -1.15 -0.71 2 result_035 -9.75 -5.36 -1.04 -0.72 3 result_036 -9.21 -4.45 -2.14 -0.94 4 result_045 -9.2 -4.43 -2.13 -0.95 5 result_033 -9.18 -5.07 -1.72 -0.72 6 result_030 -9.01 -4.41 -2.15 -1.07 7 result_042 -8.68 -3.8 -1.58 -0.55 8 result_005 -8.56 -3.12 -1.33 -0.68 9 result_041 -8.37 -4.19 -1.75 -0.83 10 result_046 -8.28 -4.5 -1.5 -0.79 11 result_043 -8.23 -4.01 -1.33 -0.89 12 result_009 -8.17 -4.32 -1.27 -0.54 13 result_002 -8.05 -4.25 -1.25 -0.51 14 result_032 -8.05 -4.15 -2.13 -1.23 15 result_003 -8.04 -3.08 -2.11 -0.75 16 leupeptin -5.52 -1.13 -1.49 -0.56 Table 1(b).
(4,7) This phoretic relationship compensates for the disadvantages of small size in longdistance migration and the lack of morphologic adaptation (eg, wings) for independent migration.
In some instances phoretic associations have been re-evaluated and judged to be parasitic (Jacobsen, 1998).
"The phoretic bee mites and honeybee grooming behavior," Int.
mellifera bees collected, not even in the nectar collected, which may indicate a low scale fluctuation in the population of this parasite, during the period of the present study, and that this parasite in some stage of life cycle is a phoretic mites.