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phonon (fōˑ·nn),

n a discrete unit of sound energy that can travel through the piezoelectric medium of connective tissue.
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We have a lattice soliton growing in the phonon band when there is a bending of the ([omega]([kappa]) as k grows, hence allowing for dispersion.
where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are, respectively, the average number of phonons with the wave vector [?
It turns out that making a pileup happen with phonons in the lab wasn't so easy, and Kittel's dream wasn't realized until 2008.
215, 291-291 in the reference [11]), contains a subtle error in the term of the interaction between the density of phonon modes and the density of electron modes which represents a third term in right side of Equation (16) in [11] because the later is described by two sums, one from which goes by the wave vector [?
Unlike the electrons in an electric circuit, phonons in a thermal circuit are not actually particles.
The mean power flux of phonons traveling a linear lattice chain in an elastic medium is [2, p.
General topics include supercooled liquids and glasses (including phonons in charged colloidal crystals and elastic models for the non-arrhenius relaxation time of glass-forming liquids), complex fluids (including superionic glass and experimental data), and other related topics such as delayed random walks and control and the effect of Coulomb collisions on low gas pressure plasmas.
The numerical results demonstrate that the in-plane boron phonons are strongly coupled to the conduction electrons, providing the large electron-phonon interaction in th is system.
First, since thermal conductivity is determined by the phonon interactions in the material, the phonons moving in the transverse direction encounter relatively many scattering centers of aligned polymer chains.
He worked out on many fields including shallow impurities and excitons, electronic, optical, and transport properties of semiconductors and nanostructures, electronic and optical properties of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, phonons and electron-phonon couplings in semiconductors and nanostructures, non-linear optical properties, many-body effects in semiconductors, exciton condensation, magnetic multilayers and giant magnetoresistance (GMR), femtosecond pump-and-probe phenomena, photonic crystals, metrology of semiconductor thin films and gratings, infrared and radiation detectors, semiconductor lasers and modulators, resonant tunneling diodes, quantum transport properties, single-photon generators, spintronics, quantum computing, optical metrology, and nano plasmonics.
Instead of resulting in orderly, coherent phonon lasers, miniscule structures that can produce terahertz sound tend to emit phonons randomly.